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DBC Ministries and Missions

Denver Bible Church is the little church that could! We have asked God for the wisdom to focus our resources in exactly the places where the most vital battles rage. Our major efforts to teach others what we have learned about God include:
- Biblical Creation: God made the universe, Earth, and man less than 10,000 years ago
- Personhood: Fighting to protect all children by love and by law, for they are conceived in God's image and likeness
- Sidewalk Counseling: Last line of defense for moms who scheduled to kill their children and babies scheduled to die
- Scripture: We provide verse-by-verse teachings of the Bible and diverse topical studies to families nationwide

Contact us at 303-463-1707 if you're interested in any of these ministries. Also, to get involved in our daily prayer and outreach presence at the local Planned Parenthood abortion mill, you can contact Ken and Jo Scott through our DBC phone number, and our own Leslie Hanks is the president of American Right To Life, and they will train your mind and soul for the battle. Just go to! And to find out more about the creation/evolution outreach, you can go online to our website and with its fun weekly podcasts! (Oh yeah, and if you have young kids or grand kids, don't forget to tell them about everybody's favorite animals, the missionary lizards that we also refer to as Dinosaurs! Just check out!) Then we invite you to enjoy our studies in Scripture by visiting our!

Welcome to the Sunday morning DBC kids ministries called the Alphas and the Omegas.